About Us

Kenzie Products is a subsidiary of Alpha Brands, a full-scale e-commerce optimization firm. Kenzie was founded with a simple vision in mind — improving upon common bathroom products while adding a touch of elegance and personality. 

Our very first product, the Kenzie Brush, was a result of combining minimalist design theory with modern standards of sanitary cleaning. Our silicone toilet brush soon became a hot item and a favorite of homeowners, renters, and travelers alike as people soon realized there was a more effective and cleaner way to scrub toilets. 

Kenzie Products are held to the highest standard of quality, aiming to be stylish, affordable, and practical. Our bathroom products are thoroughly tested before we sell them, so you’ll know only the best items can be found in our shop. 

The bathroom is a frequently used space for everyone, whether you own a home, rent an apartment, or travel regularly. With an overabundance of cheap, unattractive restroom accessories on the market, we realized we could add some elegance and make the bathroom a more pleasant space at the same time. 

Our products are designed with ultimate functionality in mind, with a touch of style. Ditch the cheap, flimsy accessories of the past for the elegance of Kenzie. 

Our company is focused on delivering exceptional service and support to our customers, no matter where you are. We welcome feedback and ideas to help improve upon our products at all times. 

Company Mission

To provide quality products that bring both value and elegance back to
your bathroom and to serve our customers with the utmost respect.

Company Values

We are grateful to have you choose us at Kenzie Products to be your supplier of dignified and exquisite bathroom accessories.

Try us out today and see why we are the online leader of quality restroom products!