Frequently Asked Questions

TPR silicone is thermoplastic rubber extra durable and is PVC and BPA-free. Our TPR toilet brush heads are extra durable and resistant to abrasions

Because our toilet brush has a flexible head, it reaches even the most difficult areas of the toilet bowl very well.

Because silicone is so easy to clean, you can simply use hot water or general household cleaner to disinfect your toilet brush.

Absolutely. Our brush is much more durable than a soft bristle brush. Silicone in general is more resistant to cleaners and physical stress.

Our slim toilet brush fits pretty much anywhere! “It’s perfect for small spaces since it takes up less than 2” x 4” of floor area.”

Yes, your regular bathroom and toilet bowl cleaner is safe to use with your silicone toilet brush.

Yes. Silicone brushes dry quickly, don’t retain moisture, and don’t harbor residue and germs.

Yes, all our brushes ship free.

Yes, TPR silicone is non-toxic to people and pets.

The brush base is vented to help airflow completely dry the brush and prevent foul odors. We recommend allowing your brush to mostly dry under the toilet lid before placing it in the base to prevent any unnecessary dripping (not to mention, it’s more sanitary).

Say goodbye to harmful bacteria & hello to sanitary cleaning with Kenzie.



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