The Kenzie Brush - compact silicone toilet brush

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The Kenzie Brush is the ultimate choice in bathroom toilet brushes. With its anti-adhesive silicone bristle head, you can say goodbye to the days of discolored and smelly toilet brushes that retain moisture and bacteria. The Kenzie Brush is compact and flexible, helping you take care of all those hard to reach areas with ease.

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“I love this toilet brush. It’s small and fits under the sink which is nice because I hate having it visible when guests come over.”
Gertrude Norrell
“Great toilet brush, the flexible head gets under the rim where my old brush couldn’t scrub easily.”
Debra Edwards
“I’m some one who hates germs with a passion which is why normal toilet brushes gross me out. Silicone is genius. It dries quickly and doesn’t leave residue."
David Martin
“Cleans pretty well and doesn’t flick water everywhere."
Peter Fletcher
“Awesome how compact this is so I can store it out of site.”
Geraldine Arias
“Dries really fast so you don’t have drops of water everywhere. That’s what grosses me out about normal toilet brushes."
Lorenzo Cozart
“Flexible head on the Kenzie brush is great — reaches under the rim nicely."
Brian Weber
“I’ve used many toilet brushes and silicone is the best hands down. Not only do you avoid the germs that grow in regular brushes but they clean off instantly and dry super fast! I will never go back to a bristle brush.”
Peter Allen

Product Questions

TPR is thermoplastic rubber and is PVC and BPA-free. Our TPR toilet brush heads are extra durable and resistant to abrasions

Because our brush has a flexible head, it reaches even the most difficult areas of the toilet bowl very well.

Because silicone is so easy to clean, you can simply use hot water or general household cleaner to disinfect your toilet brush.

Absolutely. Our brush is much more durable than a soft bristle brush. Silicone in general is more resistant to cleaners and physical stress.

Our slim toilet brush fits pretty much anywhere! “It’s perfect for small spaces since it takes up less than 2” x 4” of floor area.”

Yes, your regular bathroom and toilet bowl cleaner is safe to use with your silicone toilet brush.